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  1. yashwan

    yashwan New Member

    Hi Everyone I am learner , can play lead and tabs but unable to find lead of songs by my own is there any way to make easy to find lead by own and any exercises
  2. saratchaitanya

    saratchaitanya New Member

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  3. chandra

    chandra New Member

    hey yashwan,
    there definitely is a way to find out the leads of a song on your own, all you need is to know the scales on the guitar... and when you want to play the leads for any song you need to make sure about the scale in which the song has been sung.(Ex:tum hi ho song in A MAJOR Scale)like this when you know the scale you can sort out the notes of that song easily which lies only in 8 notes of that scale (there are only 8 notes in one scale so,it is not at all hard to find and sort out the notes accordingly) more important thing in identifying the notes is that you should be doing some vocal exercises (like when you play C MAJOR scale try to sing and play the notes )this exercise will help you master at hearing which makes it easy for us in identifying the leads.

    so yashwan start with playing the scales while simultaneously singing them ....and then move on to tabbing the songs in their respective scales and also this vocal exercise will make it easy for you to identify the song while you are listenig to it ,... but dont do this in the begining itself just ask your teacher or any one else and get to know about the song which you want to play(scale of it)and break the tunes of the song into smaller bits and try to play them as per the song ..thats it

    hope this helps you ....

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