Help needed for finding chords to Santosham SO MUCH TO SAY song.. Please help me

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  1. ksagar04

    ksagar04 New Member

    Dear all,

    I am beginner in guitar. Just started learning to play guitar a few days back. My all time favorite song is SO MUCH TO SAY from movie SANTHOSAM. Hope some one can help me with the chords of this song. I am very eager to learn and play this song.

    I am attaching the link for this song, so that it can even be more easy to identify the song

    Hope someone can help me out and encourage me.

    Thanks a lot buddies. Have a great time. Thanks in advance.

  2. geekdba

    geekdba New Member

    Chords will be Dm, Gm, C, Dm (2 times)
    Dm, A#, C, Dm, F/Dm

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