Help: my accuracy while changing the chords is really really bad

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    hi frnds...i have guitar since last year but wasnt able to do much progress in guitar i can play songs but only by simply copying it...dont know much about guitar language even,,,
    but here my biggest prob is that my accuracy while changing the chords is really really bad..
    so can anybody please give me some effective suggestions to improve the same...
    i really need it yar,,,,
  2. mymusicmyguitar

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    Practice Practice Practice... thats the only way by which ur accuracy will increase..........

    >> Important Point - Start off very slowly but with a constant tempo.
    >>Use a metronome(No need to buy it from the shop..if u hav a Computer at home install Crystal Metronome Software). PLay the Chords and Scales along with it.
    >>Learn Scales and few Speed picking techniques eg "Spider technique" spend around a month or so playin those .Improve ur speed and finger movement so that u wil be comfortable playing anywhere on the Fretboard.
    ...........Accuracy can definitely be achieved only after constant Practicing
    >>Start with few simple songs.
  3. mymusicmyguitar

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    By the way u shud hav started this thread in "Beginner's Q&A Forum"...
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  5. saurabhrocks

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    go and read the theory of guitar, it may sound boring , but it will pay off .and most importantly hear guitar music.try to notice the guitar rythms and leads in the songs u hear.

    now the chord switching problem,
    a chord is always taken in a group,i.e. u have to group ur fingers and make them work as one.
    most beginners face the problem of not being able to take the chord as a whole,instead they make the chord finger by finger.

    so what to do?
    start with an easy chord say A maj.put ur fingers on the fretboard to form an a chord, play the guitar string by string,to ensure u r not muting any string.
    then lift the fingers,while still holding the shape about 1 cm above the board then try putting back the chord shape on the board as a whole. (this is something similar to the act of a batsman on the field when he knocks his bat on the pitch several times) ,try this two or three times , the increase the distance until ur about 1 inch off the fretboard. practice this for about 15 min daily for 5-6 days. repeat it with other chords,

    now u have mastered say three chords,A D and E now play the a chord, and when u forn d chord don't try to do it finger by finger, all fingers shud land on the fretboard at once. keep up with practice and u'll master it in less than a month,

    contact me if u have any more probs,

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