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  1. meeaamir

    meeaamir New Member

    hey guys can some one help me on chords.i have read many tutorials abt chords but cant get the timing rite...any one knows some usefull tips do tell me...
    although i can play intros solos etc but am having problems wih chords....:help:
  2. limaj_daas

    limaj_daas Guitar Pro Maniac

    Ok, during chords, try to move as few fingers between chords, say for xample, if ur holding and A Minor chords which is 002210, and wanna switch to a C Maj chord, 032010, try moving ur ring finger fast. Try this excersize wid the basic chords, D Maj n' Minor, G Maj, C Maj, E Major n' Minor, A Maj n' Minor. Once you got that pinned down, move on to barred chords.
  3. meeaamir

    meeaamir New Member

    thanx buddy....i'll try ur solution
  4. meeaamir

    meeaamir New Member

    yar having problem with the timing when to switch the fingers?

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