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  1. Jenniie

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    ittt would bee great if sumone helped me kinda understand this.. coz im kinda new to igt and havent really been going on it. ive looked through and found some songs i like but dont really understand the tabs...

    ^^^^ see i found that tab for a song from fanaa but isnt there supposed to be 6 lines instead of three?? heeeeeeeeeelp!! lolz..
  2. nazr

    nazr angel is my genital..

    When you are presented with three lines i e strings, generally these are the lower ones if not mentioned otherwise i e E B G.And the numbers written are the fret no.

    Search the beginners forum.There are lots of lessons.
  3. sanket

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    simple to read the tab go frm left to right

    expt if only 3 lines are given my best gues iis this is a tab for mere hath mein tera haath ho song

    the first "2" signifies to place a finger on the 3rd string frm the bottom on the second fret n strum the rest of the pattern whihc follows ie 1011...etc has to be played on the thin e string the first one

    1 means place finger on the first fret n strum 0 mean no finger placement u have to play the string open

    the best tab for u to try out as a beginner would be ek hassena thi
    believe me i started out with tht

    go on the bottom string ----4245 4245 4245 ...2 | 221241| 124442 :D i dunno wheter m right or wrong u can fig out keep experimenting it helps u get better :D
  4. Jenniie

    Jenniie New Member

    thankyoouu. :)
  5. Sash

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