help me to understand this PIC(Scales)

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  1. ru4me

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    hello frnds i m begginers and i can understand this pic which i think very important in MUSIC theory plzzzz help me to understand all such these types of PIC or BASIC of these pic how to get result from these pic and what these pic want to show

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  2. taj2

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    well as the pic says its a pentatonic scale of the c maj. chord
    this is being played on the c maj scale(i.e. u start with c d ef g a b.)
    i guess u know the c maj. scale
    now in a pentatonic scale we have 5 notes what we do is that we leave the 4th and 7th note of orignal major scale.
    so c maj. pentatonic becomes c d e g a.similar applies to other maj. scales
  3. spinningwheel

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    Hi ru4me, as taj2 said its a Cmaj pentatonic scale...The top part is staff notations since you are beginner you don't need to know this right away and many musicians don't learn this their whole life but it's a nice thing to know...

    The bottom part has 6 lines these represent 6 strings of a guitar.The string with no 1 is the thinnest string and 6 is thickest one.the number represent while fret you should put your finger to

    A pentatonic scale is a 5 note scale with no semitones in it..say you have Cmaj scale
    C D E F G A B pick only whole tone(C to D is whole, C to C# is half or semi tone) intervals ..
    so we get C D E now since E to F is semitone we dont pick F instead we go to G is A now if we pick B we can't pick C since it would be a semitone from B to C but we need C as the scale is for Cmaj pentatonic so what we do is we skip B and move from A to C directly..this satisfies our rule of no semitones...hence we get C D E G A C

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