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    Hi Friends

    I am sandeep

    i requet to all my guitarist friends to help me choose new Electric guitar and amps

    i have my acoustic guitar
    i am going to buy new Ele. guitar and Amps. but i am confuse which brand is best and suitable for my budget . my budget is 15k to 20k . i am not rock/ blues / jazz player. my goal is to play bollywod songs

    i searched many brand on internet and have read their review . but i am confuse about single coil pikup , humbucker pickup , fretboard , neck Bridge as well as other hardware of guitar which is best for me . i also noticed one thing that some guitars are very costly about 20k and above. somebody tell me why these guitars have higher prizes what is the diffrence between these guitars and ordinary guitars . costly guitars play qwality sound .

    i select some brand 1) fender affinity fat strat , hss 2) yamaha pacifica or yamaha rgz 121
    3) ibanez grg 170dx

    i dont know am i right , i need your suggetions

    which Amp should i buy . how much wattage is needed . digital Amp/ effect processor / and effect pedals etc

    marshall is best but not coverd my budget . i planing to go Stranger ( indian ) or Kustom sound , please tell me are these Amp. good ?

    i hope you will help me also suggest me whatever is require

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    Guitar Recommendation

    Single Coil vs Humbucker:

    A single coil pickup electromagnetically converts the vibration of the strings to an electric signal. Single coils are suitable for blues and country music, but not for heavier rock. Single coil type produce 'hum' under influence of electrical appliances. To reduce this effect, Humbucker pickups cancel out the interference induced by alternating current and dramatically reduce the hum effect compared to single coil pickups.Humbuckers have a much thicker and distorted sound with higher gain than single coils.

    The choice is yours as many people play Rock on Single coil too. Check youtube to hear the difference in sounds. As you are an acoustic guitar owner, you should be knowing abt Fretboard, neck Bridge and you can research on differences and the types of wood used.

    Guitars are costly based on few factors, the brand, sound quality, pickup, construction wood, Factory setup way, Action but not always a costly guitar will sound right. If you hold a gibson or Fender American guitars, you can feel the difference yourself. I have an 300$ acoustic guitar and in Guitarcenter, I checked the 2500$ taylor, can feel the difference immediately and can understand the cost factor involved.

    Fender affinity is discontinued i think. You can check for Fender strat available in same price range. There is a combo pack available with 15 W amp, and few built in affects too. Good starters guitar. Yamaha, wont recommend at all. Ibanez, is a good choice (+ 24Frets). I think it has both Humbucker n Single Coil output. Should be available in 20K range. If you want to go for an amp separately, please do research well. I bought a Fender Mustang I 20W (check youtube & 20W is loud enough for Home) amp for 100$. My intentions were to practice and this was best suited in my budget with an advantage of its features and 24 preloaded + unlimited effects from internet/fender fuse. Other guitar brands you can check for is Epiphone (humbuckers), Fender (non strat) etc., but not sure of their price range in India as of now. For bollywood songs, would recommend Single coil as the sounds are more cleaner. Marshall amps are costly and you should define what you need it for (personal need or professional).

    Guitars are sold costly in India. I've seen it in Mumbai/Hyderabad where the difference came for about 30 to 40% in few cases. So do not forget to negotiate well and never buy Guitar online.

    - Cheers,
    Santosh Verma.

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