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  1. ru4me

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    hello frnds i was new in guitar but i have passion to play it now i can play tabs and chords changing acurately but i have just strumming problem i strumm the giutar but unfortunately sound is not accurate plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz anyone help me through videos or recomend me some video which help me just strumming the guitar
  2. ashfire76

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    i faced this problem as well. To be honest, i still face this sometimes. However, the key to master strumming is practice and more practice.

    I can understand how dissapointing and low you might feel after giving so many hours to strumming. it pulls you down. but trust me. don't let the zeal go down. carry on with strumming and you will see how it gets better by the day. the more you try a particular strumming technique, the better it will sound.

    try out with basic strummings. search for strumming patters on google or youtube and you will see many of them. Also, keep in ming - dont rush or force yourself to try all strumming in one go. take it one by one and master it first before launching in another one.

    Guitar is an instrument which requires a lot of patience. If you have it, nothing can stop you from getting addicted to it.

  3. manojhirway

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    I agree.....I have learnt many strumming patterns just by watching youtube videos.
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    want to learn guitar

    Hi Friends

    I want to learn guitar and I think this is the best place from where I can get the real truth.

    I also want to buy guitar.
    Please welcome suggestions from the Guitarists???
    Tell me the best place to buy a Guitar.
  5. Chirag13

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    Hi can you help me
    i want to learn
  6. sanju_just4u

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    Yes, there are many videos on youtube which will really help you to pick up the strumming techniques. Try to search on youtube, you'll sure find many.
  7. chatty_arko

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    Wen did u start playing guitar
  8. chatty_arko

    chatty_arko New Member

    U need to practice before u actually start playin songs

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