Help me choose an Ibanez guitar

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by kgowrav, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. kgowrav

    kgowrav New Member

    I like ibanez a lot so i have selected these , tell me which one is better in them

    Ibanez GRG170DX
    Ibanez GRG270DX
    Ibanez GRG220DEX

    If u have any other suggestoins pls do give them
  2. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    none of the above
  3. kgowrav

    kgowrav New Member

    so what do you suggest
  4. flood

    flood New Member

    i'm probably selling my ibanez RG in mumbai in a week or two. let me know if you're in mumbai. not going to ship.
  5. kgowrav

    kgowrav New Member

    which one is it anyways
    if i like it i will ask my frnd to pick it up
  6. flood

    flood New Member

    Ibanez RG321MH, mahogany body, 3-piece wizard neck.

    fixed bridge, INF3 and INF4 pickups. crapola tuners replaced with GFS' innovative locking tuners, full cavity shielding with nice thick copper tape. there is cosmetic damage on the back side - dents, bumps and flaws in the paint, but nothing to impair your playing. if you want a flawless finish, this is not the guitar for you. it's still infinitely better than any piece-of-shite GRG/GIO series guitar, or probably anything in that price range.

    let me decide if i want to sell it or not and get back to you. may take 1-2 weeks.
  7. raviction

    raviction New Member

    Which ever guitar feels good to you. Buy that! Don't buy just because its Ibanez. Hold the guitar and play it. IF you feel that you are playing 10 times better than what you used to play. Then your search should end here.

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