help me 2 tune ma guitar

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by aquaboy69, Jul 8, 2005.

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    hey guys i hav shifted 2 a new place n i realli wanna noe how 2 tune a guitar coz i had a treacher at ma old location but now i cant fine any1 hea....plzz help me 2 tune ma guitar.........i ll b grateful...thx
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  3. richard

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    to be more accurate ,, use an electronic tuner n tune in to te corect freq.. manual tuning may be in tune wit u but not in tuning wit the instrument ,,
  4. richard

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    in case u dont find any check out this site
  5. Mr. Scary

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    Ah even though this is in the wrong place, hope you got what you were looking for! Welcome to the boards :)
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    this is the simplest procedure ..

    1) set the lowest (thinnest) string to standard 'E' tuning (by comparing with a track in which the lowest string has been played distinctively enough for u/ comparing with keyboard E note ) or if not possible then to any arbitrary tuning

    2) now compare the note on the 5th fret of 2nd string and tighten/loosen it the string till it sounds the same as the lowest string played open

    3) hope u done with that.. so now tighten/loosen the 3rd string till the note on the 4th fret sounds same as the 2nd string played open

    4) when this is done move to the 4th string . tighten/loosen it till its 5th fret sounds same as the 3rd string played open

    5) now tighten/loosen 5th string till its 5th fret sounds same as the open 4th string

    6) now tighten/loosen 6th string till its 5th fret sounds same as the open 5th string

    hope this helps dood :cool:
  7. sumit

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    use a aptuner ....coz it's not dat easy for a beginner to tune guitar.....use a tuner and along with the tuner apply the above steps
  8. vini

    vini Repeat Offender or still better get ur ear tuned..err..trained!! :grin:

  9. bob-bobby

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    i am sure , the guitar would be tuned by now :)

    moved to beginers q & a !! !

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