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    Hey Guys,

    I have just started learning guitar. Basicaly I was feeling more comfortable with left handed guitar, and that's why I just baught my first guitar (lefty fender - acoustic). Well, the book I have is completely designed for a right handed guitar player. Everytime I have to visulize and implement how the things should be for the left handed guitar player. I don't want to look into left handed guitar chord books, because I know that, once I will used to it, it will limit my availability of guitar resaurces (as there are not enough song books or any other material written with left handed chord diagrams). I just want to continue what I have and make it easy for me to understand. Are there any lefty gutarists here? If yes, please let me know how you guys learned it? What things should I keep in mind while going through my A... B... C... of guitar? Does anybody have good guitar book to learn? Any learning help whould be greatly appreciated.



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