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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by Maidenhead, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. Maidenhead

    Maidenhead UP THE IRONS!!!

    hey guys,
    i currently own a chinese non branded guitar (anyone heard of caraya?) and have enough common sense to consider getting a new one. it should be ideally less than $600 and should give a decent sound on Maiden-ish stuff, as well as soulful blues. People say the Epi LP is the best bet, but i need many suggestions and ultimately have to choose. Please help me out.

    btw also suggest gud affordable amps to go with the guitar specified, and pictures if possible :D

  2. raj.hendrix

    raj.hendrix New Member

    both maiden guitarists play fender stratocasters and if ure buying from india then ull have to dish out 30k for it...but if u have a states connection then 400 dollars is what u need for the mexican one
  3. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    Maiden guitarists also use Seymour Duncan humbuckers. Keep that in mind. There are a few factors you will have to consider.

    Adrian Smith plays a Gibson LP and sometimes an SG as well. He has also played a Jackson on the "A Matter of Life and Death" album.

    You should try the guitars out and see what you like. Your amp and pedal is going to make a bigger difference to the sound than your guitar. Playing an MIA Strat through a Digitech Death Metal->Roland Cube is not going to give you the Maiden sound. The guitar will be important in terms of comfort, playability, build quality and then sound.
  4. Maidenhead

    Maidenhead UP THE IRONS!!!

    but isn't a, say, chinese or korean epiphone LP better than a mexican strat?
  5. sandeep_

    sandeep_ New Member

    Epis are made in china,korea.
    I highly recommend you to try the greg bennet AV3 and AV6 models along wiht the Epi LP. Trust me, they are very very nice guitars at the price that they are available in mumbai ,furatados and bhargavas have them.They look super ***y, and sound great.The pickups are sure hot.
    Am buying an AV6 soon.

    chech here :

  6. varun1712

    varun1712 New Member

    dude get a decent enough strat copy..... probably a Krammer witch would cost u then get the Seymour Duncan SL 59-1 little '59.... this pickups is used my maiden.... this would be MUCH cheaper then gettin a freekin mexican copy frm the US of A !!!! and plus ur distortion effects have the main impact on ur sound....... get a decent guitar, then major part is ur amp an effects.
  7. Kshitij.metal

    Kshitij.metal New Member

    You should go for YAMAHA they are good for Blues n shit

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