Help in buying first electric guitar!!

Discussion in 'Misc Musical Instruments' started by prashanthvictor, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. prashanthvictor

    prashanthvictor New Member

    Hey guys, have been playing an acoustic givson for over 5 years. decided to go for an electric. My budget is Rs.30,000 including amp and effects.

    I'm interested in the fender standard strat (not squier) but think its too expensive (still not sure of the price).I have done some research and like the following stuff:

    Ibanez RG series
    ESP M50
    Dean Vendetta 1.0

    Roland Cube 15x
    Marshall MG10 CD

    Digitech Distortion factory
    Digitech Death Metal
    Boss DS-1

    Please advice
  2. vidurbhatia7

    vidurbhatia7 New Member

    yeah Ibanez is a great deal man ! try the GRG 170dx its for around Rs.12000 ( fixed bridge) or else if u want something a lil higher than go for a GRG270 with a floating bridge. Roland Cube 15 is any day better than a marshall ! Roland comes with built in effects of 4-5 types. However, u can save on cash by buying a cheaper amp such as BETA AIVIN, its cheaper n good !

    don't waste much money on buying costly effects rite nw ! u'll take tym to adapt to ur guitar n also the effect processor. Boss mt-2 is a great deal ! awseome crunch to it. or try goin in for a KORG AX 5g. Digitech is good but the sound get cracked on stage. it ain't dat good on a PAS. deres nothin lik a pedal. Keep buyin pedals n later make ur own stomp BOX ! \m/

    Fender strat is way outta range. ESP can be a really good guitar though if u can take care of it. No use buying a squire coz its worthless here. If u wanna play heavy stuff IBANEZ n ESP r the best guitars u can get in that budget.
  3. prashanthvictor

    prashanthvictor New Member

    Ibanez RG?

    hey, what's the cheapest in the RG series? And what's the price? I'll probably be buying my guitar at Soundglitz, B'lore.

    What do you think of this combination?:
    Ibanez RG 250EX
    Roland Cube 15x
    Boss DS 1

    P.S I wanna play rock, not metal
  4. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    i think RG370DX will fit ur budget as well..and maybe RG350DX as well..heard they're good..i donno bout 250EX..
  5. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    does it even exists? i guess its 350EX u're talking bout...
  6. sumit993192289

    sumit993192289 New Member

    if u r in india .....then u should buy yamaha guitar.....coz..the wood is great it does no shrinks.......but in fender it chrinks a lttle bit
  7. prashanthvictor

    prashanthvictor New Member

    350 ex

    Sorry man, meant to say the RG 350EX. How about the RG 321MH? are they even on sale? If so, what's the cost?
  8. prashanthvictor

    prashanthvictor New Member

    to sumit993192289

    personally, I don't like yamaha guitars. i think they're only good at manufacturing pianos (and bikes!). The only companies i'm looking at are Fender, Ibanez, ESP, Dean and Jackson.
  9. prashanthvictor

    prashanthvictor New Member i've decided on the Roland Cube 15x. still can't decide on the guitar and effects pedal.
    any more suggestions?

    about the pedal, i'm really baffled! the cheapest ones only offer one effect (like only distortion or delay). i really want to get one with multiple effects. but, i'll probably use only distortion and delay.
  10. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    Ibanez RGR321EX is the upgraded version of 321MH.. 321 MH is a gr8 guitar.. 321EX has EMG passives.. it fits ur budget as well..
    As of now try to manage with ur amp only for effects..thats wat my opinion is..later on u can buy a decent pedal as per ur style
  11. manku911

    manku911 New Member

    ibanez is a good choice...definitely...even i have one...grg170dx.....but u know wat...there is a company called HMI...its an indian company only exports guitars....although some stores in delhi and maybe in mumbai have started keeping them...u wont believe a V or X guitar costs around 9K in this brand...only!!! and they are quite cool ..i have tried one or two f dem....

    and as of amp...i have experienced some problems with roland 15x......prolonged use leads to a buzzing sound and bad feedback.....VOX is a much better choice if u wanna play ROCK NOT METAL.....
  12. prashanthvictor

    prashanthvictor New Member

    does anybody know where to get a new Ibanez RG 321MH or EX in Bangalore? which shop?
  13. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

  14. prashanthvictor

    prashanthvictor New Member

    ok.. new twist. can't decide between Roland Cube 15x and Roland Microcube

    and manku911...or whatever your name is....vox is too expensive
  15. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    Micro cube is a 2W amp. It has nice built in effects and is pretty good for bedroom practise.. but in case u're playin with drums then its no good.. as the sound will be very low..
    Cube 15x being a 15W amp is much powerful than has 4 built in effects..
  16. manku911

    manku911 New Member

    @prashantvictor.....wen u wud listen to vox...m sure u wud bother to stretch ur budget a delhi...vox's pathfinder 15r has a new price of 7400 bucks....and roland 15x is around 6500 and vox has a sound quality way better than roland and one more thing roland 20w and 30w have fine reviews but there are some problems with check it properly before buying.....
  17. prashanthvictor

    prashanthvictor New Member

    hey, any suggestions on the pedal?
  18. prashanthvictor

    prashanthvictor New Member

    So what do you guys think?
    RGR 321EX or
    RG370 370DX or
    RG 350 EX

    maybe the ESP M50?
  19. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    are u plannin to buy it from this forum itself.. or did u dared to go to some shop as well.. dude try all of them out and buy..
  20. prashanthvictor

    prashanthvictor New Member

    after playing each one, how do i know which is the right one?

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