Help for Settin up my semi elec guitar

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by dinudj4u, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. dinudj4u

    dinudj4u New Member

    Hi frnds,
    I have got a semi elec guitar, i want to connect it to my laptop ...
    wat all things do i need ???? please help.
    its not a costly one just a normal one
  2. shobhit4friends

    shobhit4friends New Member

    u'll be needng only few things which are listed below...

    1.The normal guitar wire which is used for connecting guitar to the amplifier.
    2.A jack pin which is easily available in the market which can convert ur mic pin to the 9 mm stereo jack which can be inserted further in to mic pin in ur laptop.

    so basically u need a wire which has a 9 mm pin (for laptop) on one side and Mic pin on the other end for ur guitar..

    ur done!

    just switch on the mic in ur computer configuration n u can hear ur guitar in ur laptop..
  3. atooljoshi

    atooljoshi New Member

    hey thanks shobit i too need that information thanks yaar


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