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Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by Gaurav_Bravo!, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. Gaurav_Bravo!

    Gaurav_Bravo! ..the chOOsen One!

    I am interested in short term certificate course in music and D.J. course. Can anyone give me name of institiutes or colleges conducting such like courses in india. Specially in gujarat because i am from baroda.

    (as smrt as ever..!) :help:
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    awesome signature you have there.....
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    I dont know about DJ Courses... but you can always attend our college of pride, the M.S. University of Baroda, Arts Faculty opposite Sursagar Lake!

    Its one of the best things you can get into. Well nearly all courses have a sort of entrance test, but i think its simple to clear if you have some amount of practical know-how.
    I had cleared a similar exam for Tabla in the year 1999 and attended Music College for an year, before quiting due to studies.

    Another major advantage of joining Music College is the ID Card you get! Using that you can attend all Cultural & Musical Concerts Organised at Music College for FREE!
    And the most important advantage is the down-to earth fees.

    Regarding D.J. systems, i think there are some private players offering the training... but since i am moved to Pune now, i have no idea regarding it.
    For now, our Arts faculty at M. S. University rocks! Try to get in there...

  4. Gaurav_Bravo!

    Gaurav_Bravo! ..the chOOsen One!

    Thanx ....i did went there..... but guitar is not in their instrument list.... :oops:
    can u tell me some guitar class or institute pearing on professional level... :think:
  5. Gaurav_Bravo!

    Gaurav_Bravo! ..the chOOsen One!

    comeon yaar!..... somebody plz help me....!
  6. cYpHeR

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    PM zoom...hes da guy frm baroda....

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