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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by bbkingme, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. bbkingme

    bbkingme New Member

    I've been playing guitar for 4 years now.

    i have developed a liking for blues and have been playing acoustic blues for a year now.
    i now want to shift to electric blues.

    i have a budget upto 30k (for guitar + amp)

    i was thinking of greg bennett av3.

    from what advises i have been getting, a good tube amp is a must, but i hear they get pretty epensive.. i dont know much about amps.

    please suggest on what gear i should go for, i'm really confused.
    help will be appreciated.
  2. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Just in case, have a read through of this and tell us if you got to know anything new ;) The Guide

    Tube amp? Laney Cub, Vox AC4, and BE3s are there (as always) for your price.

    Btw good job on saving that 30k and thank you for not coming and saying "pls i wnt elctrc gitar n amp 4 tht sweet Slash tone in rs 6k"
  3. bbkingme

    bbkingme New Member


    actually i was looking for some more specific suggestions..

    i want to get a good bluesy tune. and thats where i need some help.
    i'm not a noob who is just looking for a "clapton-like" tone.
    just a decent blues set-up is what i'm looking for.

    i'm confused between whether to invest more in a guitar or an amp.
    money is not that easy to come by for me, and i've been saving for a long time now.
    so i dont wanna end up regretting what i spend it on.
    i'd want atleast one of the two (guitar or amp) to last me the next 4-5 years.

    i know that UG says that i should not spend more on a guitar than the amp.
    but really i dont know if a stupid 8-10k ibanez would give me that satisfactory blues tone.
    thats why i was thinking of a greg bennett..

    would a modelling amp.. say like the roland cube or microcube for that matter be good enough??
    the only live performances i do at present are at college fests with an acoustic, so i dont really need an awesome amp for gigs.. i just need to get started..
    but then i could be wrong..

    Oh where are bjr and alpha1 when u need them?!!
  4. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Don't forget flood xD bjr...I wonder where he is, too.

    From what I've heard -
    Modeling amps don't do mid gain sounds well.
    I think the Laneys or the BE3s (I'm thinking Solution 18 more than the rest) should be good for you, but flood can tell this more accurately (and I usually stand corrected on some count or the other).
  5. flood

    flood New Member

    if you're looking at electric blues, an all tuber is what you want - forget about modellers, hybrids etc., you want dynamics and crunch and a general liveliness to your sound.

    and always remember - mediocre guitar into a good amp is ALWAYS better than a good guitar into a shitty amp.

    a low watt (less than 20), single channel (and preferably non master volume) amp will have you wailin' about your life sentence for shootin' your wife an' her cotton-picking lover while you were drunk in whiskey in no time. i'm a pedal freak (25 effects and counting) - but if i want to blues it up, it's guitar-cable-tube amp for me. if i'm playing my self-built marshall clone, then i *might* just use a tube screamer in the front.

    at the moment i play one of two amps - a marshall 2061x lead and bass based build, which i modified in a number of ways. it has between 15W (tube rectifier) and 20W (diode rectifier) of output power, has a cascade mode which switches the lead and bass preamps from their default parallel operation to series, so the lead channel is driving the bass channel, giving me a lot of crunch while using the bass volume pot as a master volume. the other amp is a switchable 2W/5W all tuber that i affectionately call my "junkyard" build cause i built it from stuff i had lying around. i also keep screwing around with the internals, making modifications every now and then. the current incarnation has a pentode preamp set up for high gain into a 3 band EQ and master volume and doesn't know the meaning of clean - just very raw crunch. i'll probably rebuild that circuit some time with more comprehensive controls and perhaps a boost too.

    what guitar do you have currently?
  6. s0uldefiner

    s0uldefiner New Member

    ya even i m stuck over here... same situation...
    well i have planned for greg bennet av3 or av6, depending upon what processor and amp i will get, i m stuck with whether to get an amp with inbuilt effects like roland cube 30x or 40 xl or to get a processor like BOSS ME 25 & an ok type amp so that can practice at room as well as can perform live with the help of processor. budget 35k.

    tell me also if u get any solution
  7. s0uldefiner

    s0uldefiner New Member

    sry posted it a bit late
    my bad

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