help buying my first guitar?!!

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by aeolian, May 8, 2008.

  1. aeolian

    aeolian New Member

    ok friends please help me with this .

    I am surly going to take my first guitar.
    now first question is how to get hold of
    a decent guitar.

    as of my first guitar the sole purpose will
    be to learn guitar.

    so any one can suggest few of their guitar
    choices for me.
    my budget will of around 4000rs. not more.

    please do post about semi-acoustic guitars also

    if i can afford one.
  2. soreng

    soreng New Member

    if ur a beginner, go for an Acoustic, preferably a Jumbo,,,coz it has a nice full sound........for acoustic i usually dont go by brand suggest u better take sum1 wit u.....try not 2 go 4 semi acoustics coz in that range u wont get a good guitar with good pickups......better go 4 a Jumbo
  3. kavindra

    kavindra New Member

    I have a range of about 7-8k. What about me?
  4. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    ^^if u are a beginner go for a yamaha semi elec. for 6600.........i guess its model no. is F-310........

    @aeolian : raise your budget to about 5k and you can gt a GB&A semi elec........or you can go in for a Pluto or a Granada......( do NOT buy a GiVson if your budget is as high as 4000)
  5. SqueakM9

    SqueakM9 mumble

    im going to be adick and be straight up...
    these days the best guitars to learn on are called fretlite (fretlight).
    they light up under the fret board to show you where to put your fingers.
    the dudes i know who have them make me feel like an amiture and ive been playing a good decade longer than they have...
    you cant afford one i bet but honestly if your pc can handle the software to run it...
    give yourself the gift of a decent guitar and a tutor...
    get fretlight
    play till your fingers bleed and then you have only just started your warm up...
    rock on
  6. aeolian

    aeolian New Member

    soreng quotes :
    .....better go 4 a Jumbo

    @soreng : More Jargons makes me fishy about buying any particular
    Guitar. can you pick your Favorites from granada or pluto?

    @angel_of_sin : As I posted earlier I cant go more than 4000.
    hence moving to think about granada or pluto.any favorites?

    @SqueakM9 : Fretlight ...IN TO THE FUTURE
  7. rvnrahul

    rvnrahul New Member

    I bought my Granada Two days back and I love it.. had a distinctively different sound than the pluto.. But in the end I guess it all boils down to what do you like to play..

    My advice is to go down to the showroom, have a feel of both and then decide, you might also want to take someone who knows how to play..
  8. SqueakM9

    SqueakM9 mumble

    that i fully agree with...
    just like in harry potter...
    the wand chooses the wizard
    the guitar chooses the player...
    like for me,
    i hated teles and i hated les pauls, i was all for odd shapes and metal guitars,
    but the two guitars i hated most are the ones i play and sware by,
    and yes i do still have my B C Rich Beast and my Vester (very decent and cheap) strat copy (no longer on the market)
  9. aeolian

    aeolian New Member

    so it is really necessary for an on-site visit with "some-one" who knws guitars.

    thanks for your replies
  10. aeolian

    aeolian New Member

    ok, here it is I bought my first guitar! acoustic only.

    It is Hobmer 235 export, F-cut. Amp connection. steel strings.
    I bought it for 3250Rs.

    please do comment on this post, I want to know where do my new acoustic hold place.
  11. Nanda

    Nanda Bassist

    Whtever u play in future its always good to have a good acoustic guitar ....
    So If you have about 4k .. go for a GB&A jumbo ...... then you can spend more for ur nxt guitar ...
  12. supernic

    supernic New Member

    Instead of asking here.... try to take someone who knows about guitars along with you.... He will be able to check the guitar on spot...
  13. prit_undead

    prit_undead New Member

    u cud gt a granada prd4
    round hole jumbo
    take sum1 who knows guitars with u nd check out da stores
    sum ppl hav problems playing on a jumbo 1st up
    nd remember
    da wand chooses da wizard
  14. phoenix88

    phoenix88 New Member

    anyone knows a guitar teacher in chennai??

    i am presently put up at chrompet (chennai) anyone here who teaches guitar??

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