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Who's a better guitarist

  1. Santana

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  2. Richie Sambora(from bon jovi)

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  1. gidisrael@gmail

    gidisrael@gmail New Member

    Hie All ,

    i'm a great bon Jovi fan(infact all the tabs i've got are bon jovi tabs) , and a guitarist.In two months my band's gotta do a show , and most of the songs are bon jovi songs.

    i've got tabs to most of the songs i want , but i need a little help with a few

    1. i need help with the distortion parts in Welcome to wherever you are(is it arpeggiated chords or power chords or something???)
    2. The "i am" solo
    3. Tabs for save a prayer.
    4. the piano parts for thank you for loving me
    5. TABS for dirty little secret

    Gimme a link or send the tabs OR ANYTHING i need these songs ,......PLEASE. I've tried looking almost everywhere

    if anyone needs the song i'll gladly send it to ya.


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