HELP - Amatuer performing Live!!!

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  1. khaleelda1

    khaleelda1 New Member

    Hi Guys!!!

    i am a newbie on guitar.......and theres this annual day commin up in our company......and everyone wants me to perform....

    PLEASE suggest a EASY and POPULAR song.......

    my skills - i can play all the bar chords and open chords with a little bit lead here and there....

    also i have a freind who dosent know much but plays basic chords like c d a g

    so bottom line......i know i m being stupid....but i really need to perform....

    also the guitars are acoustic.......

    so far i have narrowed down to eric clapton's - wonderfull tonight......

    its a damm easy song and popular too.....i just need 2 more songs

    any help is welcomed.

  2. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    Jack Johnson- Sitting waiting wishing
    Ben Harper- Walk away
    Snow Patrol- Chasing cars
    Bryan Adams- Summer of 69, Heaven etc
    Def Leppard- Two steps behind
    Foo Fighters- Times like these, (My) Hero
    Any hit of Greenday, most conducive to acoustic would be Time of your life
    Guns n roses- Patience
    Toad the wet sprocket- Windmills, Something's always wrong
    If you can get a decent female singer, Evanescence- My immortal

    There you go. A good list to pick from.
  3. khaleelda1

    khaleelda1 New Member

    HI d_ist_urb_ed,

    thanks so much for this list..........i am going to check them all out.....

    but buddy.......i feel these are pretty tough songs.......

    i mean....i was just trying out rembrants - i'll be there for you...

    and frankly speaking i m finding i hard o play....

    so please suggest some thing of my skill level....

    thanks anyways though
  4. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    Most of the songs that i listed have simple chord patterns. You either strum them or pick the individual notes. It's not that difficult once you get into it. For 'Walk away' and 'My immortal' you need a strong sense of rhythm to play along with a singer or to sing it yourself. The timing throws you off sometimes. Anyhow, check them all out, select two songs and run with it. Also, if you want a quasi-emo love song, you can also look at Plain White T's- Hey there delilah. Again, dont be intimidated if you cant get your head around a song right away, keep at it and you'll be playing it soon enough.
  5. khaleelda1

    khaleelda1 New Member


    Thanks for the support man!!

    really appreciate it.

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