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  1. sandeepkthapa

    sandeepkthapa New Member

    Holding Guitar after 7Yrs thanks to my wife. Hope U all will help me to brush up my basics and learn new techniques and songs too.
  2. Darshan Odekar

    Darshan Odekar New Member

    hi everybody....i am very new to this forum.I am from Bangalore....i am learning acoustic guitar....and now i want to buy electric guitar...i want to buy the good electric guitar which wil help me for a long run.When i bought acoustic guitar i made a mistake(the fret board was not perfectly straight.Cos of tht i find it very hard to play as well as have to tune it quite often...tht gave me a desperate need to do R & D before buying electric guitar....and an oppurtunity to join this forum.......lookin forward to hear from you guys.......

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