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    I may be a tad physically old but definitely young at heart. I played drums along time ago when bands actually played at skating roller-rinks. We were playing stuff like "Gloria" and " I Want to Hold Your Hand" etc..
    But fortunately I progressed and by the time the 80's rolled around I was lucky enough to go to work with a company that at that time was the worlds largest concert production company known as Showco Inc.. I've toured with many of the 'biggies' like the Rolling Stones, Genesis(one of my personal favorites), Willie Nelson, The Commode-Doors(Commodores)etc.etc..
    I am in my early fifties now and feel it is never too late to begin trying new things. I first bought a fender steel string acoustic and played it long enough to build up some callouses but came to realize I really wanted to play an electric. So, yesterday I bought my first beginner's electric. It's a black Gibson Special II. It came with a small practice amp which I emphasize small whcih will keep my wife happy during my long learning phase!!
    Needless to say, I'm ecstatic with my new instrument and even if I don't make it to "Star" status, I know I'll spend hours doing what I love most. playing and listening and learning about music.
    So Hello to All, I'm glad to be here and I hope to eventually be an asset to this website.

    From Woodstock (a quote): "You can go away if you want to, we're just jamming" J. Hendrix 1969

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