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    hi all...

    am claudius...i was inspired by one of my fren to learn guitar, this was when i was studying engineering. he was almost half way thru on his guitar journey, he did teach me but came with some abuses like "hey, u need committment to learn guitar". four years after that today i realise that yes i need to commit to achieve something...by the way he has his own rock band now..its called WHITENOIZ based in bangalore. i can play some basic stuff now and my quest for new info led to me to IGT. its great to be here....but at times i feel lost with so much of a hi fundu concepts but its a wonderful place to be with my axe. at present my aim is to be able to play at my church and some simple songs for special occassions. i know i ll be able to do that in a short while.....thank u guys for this wonderful place....keep rocking and educating.....GOD BLESS U ALLL.

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