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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by rastogi, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. rastogi

    rastogi New Member

    Dear friends,
    amratansh rastogi this side ,
    27 years of age
    buisness man from advertisement fatternity
    GUITARS are a child hood crush father couldnot get me a guitar coz of financial restraints when i was a kid
    now that i am self sufficient from gods grace so i m looking forward for taking this hobby

    my music taste = bollywood and some english song so that i can flatter my wife and friends (no harsh songs)

    guitar choice= goodlooking electric is must (for me god looks are matt black or blak or some red fusion into it), when this guitar bug bit once last year i have reasearched in NOIDA and OLD delhi there are bhargava and desecnt store in sec 18 market seen ehsaan noorani stratocaster.. salesperson was pusshing me that and LINE 6 tube amp

    (ELECTRIC GUITAR WITH FADDOO TUBE AMP ONLY) no padels no mixer.... just a fadoo guitarrr and and super fadoo amp

    budget to burn : 50 k its has to be life time investement

    ia m a fairely intelligent so COULD U PLEASE TELL ME in how much time ONE can learn this art...

    and if some one can offer me home tution that will be great i am sarita vihar new delhi 9999988029

  2. tirtha2chester

    tirtha2chester New Member

    Vox AC15 or the Peavy 6505 paired with a Samick AV6/AV7 is what I'd go for personally...

    Or the Noorani Strat as you wish...

    Point is, everybody's tone choice and the music they play are different... I like to play hard rock and metal while you are on the softer side... So, you'd be better off if you visit a store along with a friend who plays good guitar so he can demonstrate the capabilities of each guitar and amp you guys try out so that you find out which instrument suits you best...
  3. soumyaranjan

    soumyaranjan New Member

    If its 50K to spend, i would seriously go for a mexican strat (36-40K) and mustang I or roland cube (solid state) for the rest of money.
  4. rahulsahu

    rahulsahu New Member

    Dude , For Learning Guitar Buying a Rig worth 50K is a Big No !! ( Very Very Big No :p )

    Since you need to learn Guitar, buy a Simple Acoustic Guitar Worth 5K or Even less ( This is still a big amount for many people around , and yes just think of situation when you were child )

    For Learning , It Depends upon your Age , Learning Ability , and Saturation Level .
    If you Start Learning and practise ( Everyday ). Then you will take upto 3 Months to Complete Basics and Tabbing . ( Well less to , both Average people take that much time )

    You can Start Chording after that , and at this point people will get Frustrated very easily. So it's Better they learn Some songs before moving to chords and octaves .

    Perfecting Basic Chords require 1 month ( or More ) . And you may be Able to play decently in about 6 Months .

    But For Perfection you may need upto Years ( Depends ) .

    And Talking about the Rig ( Guitar ) , You should Stick to Small Basic Acoustic Guitars ( As Experts say to Beginners ) .
    Investing 50k for First Guitar is just a foolish thing , or for people who have born with Silver Spoons .

    Hope your queries have been Cleared , or you can contact me over my cell ( PM me for it )

    And I am sure many Experts here will suggest you to go for Simple Acoustic Guitar .
  5. rahulsahu

    rahulsahu New Member

    The Reason I am Suggesting Acoustic guitar is because electric guitar are too much professional and not meant for Learning to play .

    Acoustic Guitar's Strings are much Tight , and Harder to play . So if you learn to play Acoustic moving to Electric Guitar would be Easier ( It doesn't mean that Strats are easy to play ) . and If you learn over Electric Guitar as Beginner , Then Playing acoustic will be near impossible .

    Here are Some Suggested Guitar , I have Played them myself and They are completely Satisfactory.

    Pluto HW39-201C ( Rs.4200 )

    Decent Sounding Guitar , looks are though like common guitar . But Very Comfortable for Playing.
    Buy Online | Lowest Price | Free Shipping| Pluto HW39-201C Medium Cutaway Acoustic Guitar - Buy online at the guaranteed lowest price in India - BAJAAO - Buy online and Review Musical Instruments, Pro Audio, Studio, P.A. Audio Equipment in India

    Stagg SW205WH ( Rs 6600 )

    Super Awsome looks , Pure White Colour . Most Suggested for People who like Tangy Colours .
    Sounds good , but little Uncomfortable for people with small Hand Strech .
    Buy Online | Lowest Price | Free Shipping| Stagg SW205WH Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar White - Buy online at the guaranteed lowest price in India - BAJAAO - Buy online and Review Musical Instruments, Pro Audio, Studio, P.A. Audio Equipment in India

    Hope This Helps
  6. ayu135

    ayu135 New Member

    Well i agree on some points to the person above and disagree on some.

    Well first of all before starting to pick up the guitar it is best to sort out what is your expectation. Not everyone wants to be the next Satriani or Hammett. Picking up from your post i think you want to be able to strum along some songs and be able to play in family gatherings and around campfire etc. But maybe your ambition may change as you play and get deeper into the instrument.

    Another point is, since assuming you are a working man and are quite busy how much time can you devote to practice. Guitar needs loads of practice to develop that muscle memory. Plus that and since nowadays we have very good online paid courses i think having a teacher is really not essential.
    Visit Free guitar lessons : Complete Beginners Method and loads of Blues, Jazz and rock : Learn how to play Guitar free here! it is a great site for beginners and is totally free, it has a structured lesson series for beginners. But yeah he doesnt teach bollywood songs, but the technique he teaches is awesome.

    Now coming on to the instrument, i would second that you dont need to buy 50k worth of gear when starting out. The reason is not that electric guitar is for professionals bullcrap, but the reason is suppose you begin to learn but you lose interest due to any reason the money will be futile.
    Secondly i recommend beginners start out with the acoustic guitar against an electric. Electric is easier to play than an acoustic but it is less forgiving on technique and mistakes. Plus there are several other hassles with the electric like you have to adjust your tone, then you always need a power supply etc. But on an acoustic you can just pick it up and play and rock out. I think which is great because think when you are about to practice but you are already a bit tired after the days work, if you have the acoustic just pick it up start to play, whereas with the electric you need to take out your amp, connect it to the power source, connect the cable to the guitar, dial in your tone and then play, here you may just feel like skipping practice because of these hassles. Also if you go out on a picnic or something with friends or family, with an acoustic you can have a good time no matter where, but with an electric you will be left hunting for a power supply.

    Now coming on to which guitar to buy. Take an experienced friend who can play the guitar with you when you go to the shop to buy one. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE SALESMAN. There i said it, those guys care only about one thing, the commission they get. They may suggest an inferior product just because they get a larger commission on it. Try out the guitar yourself, even though you dont know how to play, just hold the guitar in your hand, see how it feels, feel the neck etc. And stay away from both the guitars stated by the person above, they are bad guitars and lose tuning very often and they are a gamble actually as the quality is really inconsistent, some may be good some may be bad so skip them altogether.
    Look for an acoustic guitar from the following brands, Yamaha, Fender, Ibanez, Epiphone. These are some good brands. Check them out yourself at the guitar stores, dont buy above 15k or below 7-8k.
    Some particular models to look for
    Yamaha F310
    Fender CD-60
    Ibanez AW-30

    Buy one that sounds the best to you. Buy a Spare set of strings when you buy the guitar, Get nice strings from brands like D'Addario, i personally use the Phosphor-Bronze ones. I use Light gauge. Buy a proper tuner as well when you buy the guitar. Also buy a stand to place your guitar on, avoid the wall hanging type.
    And read this before you go to purchase http://www.indianguitartabs.com/f18/tips-buying-electric-guitars-50571.html

    I forgot the pick, buy a Jim Dunlop Nylon 0.39 or 0.44
  7. rastogi

    rastogi New Member

    thanks brother for taking out you precious time to write the review
    please suggest some electric guitar as i m inlined to buy one of them only... acoustic dos not excites me..
  8. ayu135

    ayu135 New Member

    may i know the reason for the inclination towards electric? Is it just that see i look so cool with this electric guitar, acoustic is for pussies stuff or do you genuinely have some points for electric over acoustic?
  9. tirtha2chester

    tirtha2chester New Member

    He's probably not getting any.. :p:

    Some people play guitar just to woo women and from his words, I believe, he's one of them, no real interest for the instrument...
  10. ayu135

    ayu135 New Member

    Well one cant blame him that is the image projected of guitarists in popular indian culture, but that is fine by me, even if you want to learn the guitar to impress people you cannot just go on get a spanking demonic looking lakh rupee guitar and expect to overnight impress people, there is a path you have to follow, effort to be put in. Motivation is a big force in learning guitar. So any reason is fine as long as it motivates you.

    I would still suggest buying an acoustic guitar first, then maybe six months or an year later when you feel confident that you have the basic technique down, switch to an electric. But keep in mind it will be atleast 6 months or a year before you can play to impress people.

    Anyway, it is your money your wish, we can only give advice, to follow or not is your choice.

    For the electric guitar have a look at the following:
    Greg Bennett AV6
    Squire Classic Vibe 60's stratocaster
    Yamaha Pacifica 112v
    Epiphone SG G-400

    For an amp check out a Peavey Vypyr 15 or 30, or a Roland Cube 20XL. Good tube amps are expensive, But i can recommend Ibanez TSA15H and the matching cab. Great bang for buck.
  11. soumyaranjan

    soumyaranjan New Member

    Well i believe if he can afford the luxury of a better guitar, it shouldnot be denied .... its better to start with a good guitar rather than a crappy one and get frustrated and leave .... point noted that most of us probably started with a givson acoustic, but there is no hard and and fast rule to start with acoustics, he might as well start with the electric and eventually if he falls for the instrument, he might pick up the acoustic ( it hurts the first time either way round).
  12. saurabh.kishore

    saurabh.kishore New Member

    +1 for that
  13. Sumanovo razor

    Sumanovo razor New Member

    fender blues junior ...ehsaan noorani signature strat ...for masala mix hindi songs

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