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Discussion in 'Bengali Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by augosto, May 17, 2006.

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  1. augosto

    augosto New Member

    As I am new to this forum, I thought I would introduce myself to the community and offer my impressions of the forum. I am originally from Dhaka, but has been living in the LA area for the last 15 years. I dabbled with playing guitar in my high school and college days (with a little help from my friend Happy Akhand) in the eighties. But only recently (last month or so) have picked up a guitar again after 20 years. I have forgotten most of the songs that I used to play back then except my all time favorite - Ei Neel Monihar. My main interest is spanish (flamenco) style guitar playing.

    It would be appreciated if someone could provide tabs for the following songs (to start):
    1. Pahari Jharna - Happy Akhand;
    2. Ogo Nirupama - Kishore Kumar;
    3. Mon Shudu Mon - The Souls;
    4. Ashi Ashi Bole - Azam Khan;
    5. Door Noy Beshi Door - Shyamal Mitra;
    6. Feeray Esho Anuradha - R.D. Burman.

    The forum seems like a great (virtual) gathering place of like minded people with a common cause. One suggestion I have that can be helpful for people like me is to have an archive of guitar tabs for Bangla songs in a folder so that anyone could have access to all the tabs that are available in the forum.

    Sobar Jonno Roilo Shuvechcha
  2. debankan

    debankan The bassist from hell

    Nomoskaar. Welcome to IGT.
  3. paranoid13rohan

    paranoid13rohan .: iNDiaN iDioT 3.0 :.

    A warm welcome 2 IGT ...
    Try the search option for the chords of the songs that you want ...
  4. skywriter

    skywriter cHiLdReN oF bODOm

    its fine 2 hav some 1 of 80s in between us!i think they r posted(some of 'em)..just search..:)
  5. debankan

    debankan The bassist from hell

    80's? The 80's decade?:think: Or is he 80 years old?:shock:
  6. cronix

    cronix New Member

    i dont know bengali... i dont know bengali songs.... never heard even one of them... BUT WELCOME TO IGT
  7. fat_kax

    fat_kax Kickin Ass Since 1989 !

    u think too much
    anewez welcome...and have a fun time....
  8. love_guitar

    love_guitar New Member


    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

    welcome . we are glad 2 hav u here. gangulo mone hoy search option use korlei paben. and baki gulo, req. thread korun paben. tobe ekhane pray sobai tho teenagers...tai powa ektu kosto, coz gangulo mone hoy na sobai suneche.

    and best of luck for starting guitaring again.
  10. augosto

    augosto New Member

    Thanks for all the replies and for really making me feel welcome to the forum. By the way, my age is not in the 80s, I was reminiscing about the decade of 80s. I am only in my late forties, but maybe compared to the crowd here I might be a tad old in age. In case any of you want to know about the good old days, you have a fossil (not the band!) here to tell you about it from first hand experience.

    You don't have to be young (or old) to enjoy good music. Hope you all are having fun chatting it up in the forum and listening to some cool tunes.

  11. debankan

    debankan The bassist from hell

    Always welcome. Good to have a senior among us.:beer:
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