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  1. drjatintalwar

    drjatintalwar New Member

    Hello Guys .
    This is Dr.Jatin Talwar here . Iam an Orthopaedic Surgeon by profession and working as a faculty in one of the Govt. Medical Colleges in New Delhi . Have been playing guitar since my good old college days somewhere back in 1991 .
    Came across this site while googling someting on net .....found it interesting indeed ..
    Wish to learn a lot from all the guys here ....
    Though i keep busy most of the times, but still music and photography keeps me alive .....somehow always wishing to take out sometime for these ...
    Mostly i play Hindi oldies with my accompanied singing .Kishore and Mohd Rafi being my favorites. Wud love to explore some new Bollywood tracks
    Also , western ranging from Scorpions , Iron Maiden , Metallica , Pink Floyd etc ..

    Here is My Gear :
    Fender Squire Delux Stratocaster
    Marshall MG 15 CD Amp
    Boss ME 70 Multiple Effects
    Boss DS-1
    Behringer AM-400 Acoustic Modeller
    Behringer Equalizer EQ 700
    Behringer Tube Overdrive TO 800
    An old Minitones 100 W amp
    An Old Custom Guitar (1991) and still plays wonderfully !!
    Acoustic Givson guitar ( Jumbo F-Cut)
    Ernie Ball strings for Electric and D'Addiaro for Acoustic
    Dunlop Piks

    My Website :
    Jatin Talwar Photography
    CamshotsIndia Forum • Index page
    The latter is a photography forum ...where we teach and learn !!
  2. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Doc,

    Welcome on board. That's some quite heavy gear.
    We wish to see you here more often.

    Why don't you put up some videos / songs of you singing and we guys get to rate it ..

    Cheers !
  3. jatintalwar

    jatintalwar New Member

    Thanks a lot for the warm welcome . I will definitely try to be regular here . And yes , Will put the videos which i have ..though not many I have ...No mobile phones or easily avaiilable recording aids when i used to frequently perform on stage :lolz: ..... Plan to shoot some newer videos as well ...
    Thanks once again .
  4. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    We'll look forward for that doc :).

    Cheers !
  5. amalankar

    amalankar New Member

    Hey Jatin! Great to see a doctor dedicated to a craft! I am about to graduate medical school myself and am heavily interested in music! Your story is inspiring!
  6. jatintalwar

    jatintalwar New Member

    Sure..Will do that ...
  7. jatintalwar

    jatintalwar New Member

    Great !! good to know that ....Music is a lovely medium to concentrate urself in surgery or whatever...It works !!

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