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    Hi peeps,

    greetings from hyd. I am kj. software engineer by day, musician by soul.
    In my school days me an my guitarist friend used to visit this place to check out some chords and tab. This place has been good place for us to collect some good info in regards of music.

    However for some years and due to stupid study/work professionalism I was away from this stuff. Now it's time to start learning things again, so here I am.

    to speak about music, I am a vocalist basically, but starting to learn keyboard.
    I have grown up listening to psychedelic and hard rock bands as well as country music, some post punk and punk, some good indian bands and indian pop as well as indian classical stuff.

    Apart from music I am "happily" married (LOL) and have a lovely wife who loves music too. I like spending some time on FPS gaming, most of the time I am with cpt Price in CODMW and CODMW2. and with Kratos on my PS2.

    So looking forward for my stay,

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