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    Hi all! Considering I joined in jan 2004 I am a little late in introducing myself. My name is Inder and originally I am from punjab/amritsar. I came to toronto in 2005, which is why I was inactive on board for a long time. I formed a rock band here and we call us Melodios. If rock music interests you guys, check out our myspace page.. www.myspace.com/melodios. I really like this board and its good to see so many people getting into guitar these days. I would love to help you guys out in any possible way I can to become better players. You can add me on yahoo (topgun_lover2000) or msn (hotguy_me3@hotmail.com):rock: or you can find me on Facebook ( DEAN SINGH) ... I like making new friends and its always a good thing if we share sumthing in common and I guess all of us have same passion for this instrument. So I look forward to meeting new people! Rock On!

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