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    Hi everyone,am Hemanth,this is my first Post in IGT..Feeling great to be the member of this webpage and am learning guitar since 3months and my sir is forcing me to buy acoustic guitar but am a rock music freak and i thought to go for yamaha Pacifica 012 and now am planning to go for Yamaha Gigmaker which costs 17K nearly in indian rs..! Its bit outta my budget and i dont know what to do now ! My sir has started to teach Chords and except EBGDAE i dont know anything in guitar lik C# tuning and all !! So i dont know which guitar to buy what to tune ! Please help me !!!!!It will be helpful if i get an electric guitar with in 14k ..
    and please help me whether to go for Fender Squier California Series Stratocaster or Yamaha Pacifica! Let me select my Guitar first and later all of you Please help me in teaching :)

    Thanku !!!
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    Your sir is right. Buy an acoustic and learn more.
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    yea play acoustic first.....
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    Custom Electric

    This is my Custom made guitar by the masters..

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