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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by jeevan533826, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. jeevan533826

    jeevan533826 New Member

    Hey u IGTers how u all doin?
    I hav a small request 4 the moderators/owner of this forum. Can some1 make a new forum for kannada guitar tabs pls? Its sick to see there r so many other languages n no kannada???
    Guitar is being used in the kannada music industry now more than any other type of music. Esp wit the advent of singers like Sonu Nigam shreya ghoshal in the kannada music industry it is probably the best place 4 music.
    So kindly make a note of it. I'd be more than glad to submit some of my tabs in the kannada guitar tabs section.
    Thank u....
  2. krazzynick

    krazzynick New Member

    hiii jeevan...cn u post tabs of kannada songs u knw !!
  3. jeevan533826

    jeevan533826 New Member

    krazzynick hi buddy. I'll surely post a very few songs i know. Cos even i'm a beginner guitarist. I've jus finished my C maj scale:)
    But i'm desperately waitin 4 a kannada forum 1st. Cos there r so many guitarists a lot more experienced than me here who can giv us all so many beautiful tabs.
    I'll giv a few songs' tabs in the next week. Cos i don't've a comp rite now:(
    Also i've to write em down 1st.....

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