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    i need help related to soloing.i can manage solos when my bands doin covers(thanx to tabs) but the problem arises when we guys wanna do own comps.how do i figure out the scales or arpeggios to be use for a progression.for ex,if i hav a progression of DAGD,i can use the arpeggio for D but wat are the scales and other arpeggios(for AG).guys pleex help.all i want basically is how do i start my solo ?
  2. zing

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    ok since ur chords r basically D G A wot u do is try to guess the scale

    start wit D scale - just try 4 simple scales - dont bother wit the complicated ones yet

    			I	II	III	IV	V	VI	VII	
    D major -> 		D	E	F#	G	A	B	C#
    D minor -> 		D	E	F	G	A	Bb	C
    D pentatonic major -> 	D	E	F#	A	B
    D pentatonic minor ->	D 	F#	G	A	C
    now sum quik bkground info - thes r sum common chord progressions
    take the first set I-IV-V wht it means is - u take ANY scale & play the chords corresponding to the first, fourth & fifth note - & wil sound GOOD :) simple?
    same way wit II-III-VI u take second, third & sixth note & play those chords & it l sound gr8... an so on

    in ur case we already hav the chords so v work backwards ok?

    the chords r D G A -- now wher do they appear in th 4 scales? lets chek

    D major --> I IV V [matches the first progressoin]
    D minor --> I IV V [matches the first progressoin]
    D penta major --> I IV [no match]
    D penta minor --> I III IV [matches the last progressoin partially]

    bingo! ur scales r D major or D minor or D pentatonic minor

    hope tht helped...
  3. alpha1

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    Take up some good player and observe how he plays it.
    Learn his licks. Usually al rock n metal player rely heavily on licks and runs.

    Jazz is a different beast. The players there try to stay away from licks as mushc as possible. But if u want the rock style of leads. U just need to listen to the stuff and try to think n reason out why the d00d is playing like that.

    And copy it.
    Ofcourse you will add your own quirks which will give the leads a personalised flavor.
  4. slash_i_m

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    @thanx a lot man.cool that was informative:).i just asked generally about soloing to corresponding chords and the progressIon of DAGD was just an example.but thank you verymuch.can i get an arpeggio chart or something of that kind or should i just play the notes of the chord individually ?and how do you figure out the sacles to be used like u mentioned in the end to use Dmajor,minor pentatonic.how about using the scale of other chords like say G or A?
    @alpha1 thanx bro:)
  5. zing

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    sure u can try any of the others G or A -- even any other scale like B or C -- so long as the chords fit into one of the progressions...

    the choice of scale depends on what sound u like to create

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