Heaven- bryan adams Request

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  1. utsav09

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    hey any body has the chords for the song Heaven by bryan adams..
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  3. rajit

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    Thinking abt all d younger years
    C, G

    Dere was only u nd me
    Dm, Am

    We were young nd wild nd free

    Dm , A#

    Repeat from top for ' now nthng can change ....'

    And baby You're all dat I want
    F, C

    When you're lying here in my arms
    G, F

    I am finding it hard to believe
    F, C

    We are in Heaven
    C, G

    The next part is
    I Have been waiting for so long
    Dm, Am
    For some thing to arrive
    Am, A#

    For love to come along
    C, F, G

    Dat is abt it.
    Do ask if u need any clarifications

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