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  1. alpha1

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    Frequently used by neo-classical shredders,
    Both the Harmonic minor as well as Diminished scales have a distinct feel, almost classical feel.

    Incorporating such scales in your playing can definitely widen the melodic content of your playing/music, as well as give you new ideas.

    However, changing from minor feel to dimished can be difficult at times; hence, I decided to post some of my doodle stuff highlighting what is said.

    Play this slowly, it does not have much of string skipping, but if like most others you have been practicing diatonic scales and their modes, u may find this a litte choppy.
    So slow at first and then build the speed. The descending run on diminished scale sounds ultra-cool.


    Initially it begins on A Harmonic Minor, and then it shifts to Ab diminished: descending run on Ab diminished; and comes back to A harmonic minor.

    The midi file does not do full justice to it. Will soon record n post something using this idea.

    Happy playing!

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  2. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    *boo hoo*



    + is it teh correct forum?
  3. sixstringsin

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    alph - what doez the attached picture indicate? - did'nt get it. :(
  4. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    That is nothing but the tabs with time feel.

    And the second line below is the musical staff notation.

    It helps coz by seeing the tabs you wont know how long to play each note.
    Tthe music notation gives you timing.
  5. sixstringsin

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    ^ thanx !! :)
  6. bjr

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    not really...it's not really "beginner" stuff (notice the beginner in quotes).

    I'd prefer this being in the guitar tips and tutorials section.
  7. alpha1

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    That's where I remember postingthis thread.
    Anyway I guess this should be moved to appropriate loaction.
  8. alpha1

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    Did I really post such stuff earlier?

    I don't even remember now, how to connect the Harmonic and Diminished scales/feel.

    Just highlights how IGT has gone to the dogs.
  9. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Fvck, now I have decided, I will again start playing guitar (not just doodle), and record stuff.

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