hare ram hare krishna's song

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  1. parmar

    parmar New Member

    Hi Friends
    How r u ?
    If yes,
    Let me know the codding of the Title song of HARE RAM HARE KRISHNA Film.
    and song lyrics somewhat like aaaaa
    Dum maro Dam aaaaa
    Mit jaye gham aaaaa
    I'll so much Thanksful 2 U.
    send me at vipul_parmar_rajkot@yahoo.co.in
  2. abhinavabhishek

    abhinavabhishek New Member

    chords for hare rama hare krishna

    hi its sahil here i don play the song that much but i remember the chords as this was one of the first songs i learned to play

    it goes as:

    A minor
    Dum maaro Dum ,
    Mit Jaaye Gam,

    G Major
    Bolo Subah Shaam,
    Hare krishna ,

    A Minor
    Hare Ram.

    aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa
    A minor G major F major A Minor
  3. coolhemant

    coolhemant New Member

    hey parmar wat's up
    u know when i saw ur request n also that u r a newbei i thought i must reply
    the song starts
    aaaaaaaa ....aaaaaa...aaaa..a a
    Dmin C A# A Dmin(in the same position of A bar chord)*2
    then on the same position with b note of d min strum d g b-2
    then song
    dum maro dum
    D min
    mit jaye gam
    D min
    bolo subah sham
    hare krishna hare ram
    D min
    duniya se hamne liya kya
    D min C
    duniya ko hamne diya kya
    C A#
    ham sabki parwah kare kyon
    A# C
    sabne hamara kiya kya
    C Dmin
    then the song goes like this
    hope u like it

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