Hardware trouble...can anyone help?

Discussion in 'Computer Forum' started by light_of_erindi, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. light_of_erindi

    light_of_erindi New Member

    i just got a new 128 MB DDR (Hynix) and tried to install it .
    After that Windows started normally till the bootscreen and suddenly a memory warning message came and my comp restarted.....

    After that it always hangs at the bootscreen..... :mad:

    I also have dual booted the comp with Linux but that too hangs at the login screen. :mad:

    I tried running in safe mode(Windows) ...then it boots but the explorer gives a fatal error and the error message cannot be put out of scope...!!!

    I have double checked the pins and slot numbers ....

    what is the solution ?
  2. death_metal_fan

    death_metal_fan oh goody, it's a woody!

    Can you tell me the hardware specifications of your system?
  3. zoomingrocket

    zoomingrocket TeChNiCaL AdMiNiStRaToR

    It happens so many times...
    OS dont take RAM changes easily...

    I remember when i got a new stick... XP showed me a msg that it cant boot with my current hardware settings...
    But i restarted in safe mode.. and luckily it got back to normal!
    LINUX... i had to reinstall! It hanged and gave kernel panic!
    So a bitter solution is... reinstall the whole system again!

    And even after reinstallation...the system doesnt work; your RAM is faulty with Memory Leak problem!! Get it replaced!

  4. rockin'away

    rockin'away Banned

    mayb the ram isnt fit for ur pc....
  5. light_of_erindi

    light_of_erindi New Member

    hey...i forgot to check this thread out ....BTW ....Zoom....i had to do that;)...i had to waste one evening on backing up my data and formatting the drives .....but it was worth it.... works like a charm now....:):) thanx anyway.
  6. nadish

    nadish Active Member

    U must replace ur Ram b4 it stops working completely, it bcoz of Ram is not 100 %. or may be not matched with ur Mother Board.

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