Hard Drive seems to be heavily busy all the time

Discussion in 'Computer Forum' started by XXX-Guitarist, May 21, 2006.

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    Im in sort of trouble here. The problem is tht my HDD seems to be heavily busy all the time, even when Im not doing anything at all. I use Google Desktop Search, and in its System Monitor add-in, the Disk Activity is very peculiar. At most of the time, it shows tht my HDD is writing data at about 1.5MB/sec, while not reading from anywhere. Maximum reading is around 20 - 50KB/sec. This is the condition, when my PC is absolutely idle. And this is causing problems, huge problems, i might add. Nothing runs smoothly. Even 128 kbps MP3s are running at half their actual tempo. All the music kinda plays in jumps & jerks. Song suddenly slows down, and then suddenly back to original tempo. Screws up all the music. And I have songs tht run at around 1000 kbps (WMA VBR) so u can imagine the situation. Now I have scanned my PC with all this world has to offer. McAfee Security 9, AVG, Spybot S&D, Lavasoft Ad-Aware, PC-Cillin House Call Online Scan, all up-to-date. Pretty much everything but nothing in the fishing net. Someone once said something abt bloatware, but didnt explain wtf is it, or how to remove it.

    Another problem is tht my music partition is heavily fragmented, since long. Since about a year frm now. The music used to play all cool & smooth until a month ago, when this kinda fcking behaviour started appearing. I regularly defragment my files, but it seems to have no effect on it. The defragmenter cannot fix em. Now dont tell me to format the drive & build my library agian, as its about 25GB of hard-hunted music. Plz gimme a good alternative.

    I am running Intel Pentium 4 3GHz with HT & 64bit compatibility, 768MB of memory, 40GB Seagate ATA100 drive, Intel D915GAV mboard. Plz help me out. I cant live without my songs. HEELLLPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!
  2. apurbajd

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    ^^try changing the IDE cable ... might be some prob with dat ..
  3. fat_kax

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    uninstall google desktop thingy....it takes a lotta trash archiving
  4. amit82cse

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    Indexing service might be on..check for that..
  5. fat_kax

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    :p: indexing service....yeh thats wot i ment..
  6. ^ amit system never runs slow if the indexing is not on...

    buddy first of all...try to clear your application logs and system errors logs...second check your IDE cables..third...your operating system and registry is full of errors..so u need to format your drive but before that ..make sure to take backup of your all music on other drive..and just format your system...
  7. sixstringsin

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    identify wht are the top processes running that causes ur music to play interrupted
    also disable the antivirus & see if the problem lies arnd there

    [[..get a bootable live os like knoppix and play ur songs ... until someone helps u enuf to overcome the problem with windows ;) ]]
  8. light_of_erindi

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    yeah...whenever such stuff happens always open task manager and check what's eating ur CPU's power.
  9. g0g0l

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    And get rid of normal windows XP :p:
    Go for the custom made XP s. I am using a custom made windows Xp and want to know how it runs? zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppp (Like 98)
    It has no IE, MSN,security center,baloon popups, help center etc junks (yes, those are junk for sure)So it not only starts quick but, also runs quick bcoz those junky good for nothing things are not running and eating your comp power anymore! Only 300 mb in size ;)

    How to get it? Search yourself :mad: If you don't find it, PM me.......

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