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  1. sambegaonkar

    sambegaonkar New Member

    Today is my first thread in the group. I have recently taken up acoustic guitar classes. Can anybody gimme me the chords for the happy birthday song....and how do i play it well....

  2. subheet

    subheet Member

    yeah play it on G , D and C chords i looks really very good..........
  3. satan_4_infinit

    satan_4_infinit New Member

    happy b'day chords in 5 keys

    a very beginners song..yet the most sung song around the year..u can play it in any key u like...C,D,E,F OR G.
    we also know about the progression chat so...
    in the key of C - replace I with C,IV with F n V7 with G7
    in the key of D - replace I with D,IV with G n V7 with A7
    in the key of E - replace I with E,IV with A n V7 with B7
    in the key of F - replace I with F,IV with B n V7 with C7
    in the key of G - replace I with G,IV with C n V7 with D7


    I V
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Vsus4 V I
    Happy Birthday to you,
    I IV
    Happy Birthday dear _______
    I V7 IV I
    Happy Birthday to you.

    [repeat the same chords for --
    from old friends and new,
    from old friends and new,
    may good luck go with you, n happiness too

    happy b'day to you....
    keep guiatrin..chao

    plz download the notepad attachment for exact changes of chords

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  4. jaigeelal

    jaigeelal New Member

    i alwayz found this way to be very easy, you can play it on any string
    email me and i 'll send the rest i forget them but they are in my basement
  5. sambegaonkar

    sambegaonkar New Member

    happy b'day

    Thanks 4 d reply...can u send me the rest
  6. sambegaonkar

    sambegaonkar New Member

    thanks 4 d reply...can u send me d rest....

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