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    Hi all !
    It's my first post :)
    PS: These are tabbed by me, so you may not find it anywhere else unless somebody has copied mine....

    Here you go :

    Happy B'day to you ! Happy B'day to you !

    Happy B'day to dear (name)!

    Happy B'day to you !


    I know it isn't Hindi song but I just posted we mostly sing THIS poem in birthdays :)

    Do tell me if you like it !
  2. ImPeRiaL

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    66 views and no comments??
    Reply guys!
  3. Hi brother,
    Good effort, and nice tabs. they are in proper pitch and i hope they are yours.
    But this isn't exactly the easy way to play.
    Easy way should be preferably in single string so that absolute beginners too can play it.
    I found easier notes on the internet and modified them on my blog more than a year ago.
    A Roaming Doctor's roaming thoughts: Happy birthday to you Guitar tabs
    Try them.
    Keep up the good work and keep posting.
  4. ImPeRiaL

    ImPeRiaL New Member

    Yeah these are mine.
    Thank you for your good comments ! :)
    The link you have posted, I played the same notes when I started playing guitar(from other site).
    But playing on the high E string hurts finger especially for beginners, so I made this.
    Well thanks :D

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