Habibe - chords(Mal)

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  1. mathai

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    This song is actually lifted from an arabic song 'Habibe',don't remember the artist.
    It's ideal for guitar guitar strumming..

    Song  : Habibe
    Movie : Chandralekha
    G / Fm /G / Fm / Cm.(stop) 
    G / Fm Cm / Cm G / Fm Cm 
    Cm Bb /Bb G# / G# G /Fm G / Fm /G  Cm.(stop)
            Cm              Fm         G           Cm  Fm      
    Manathe chandiranothuru manimalika kettum njan
              Cm            Fm         G          Fm  G  Cm
    Arabi ponnoothiyoruki aravathilu paniyum njan
    Halilee halilee hilalinte poonthira pole
    Cm     G      Fm        G
    Habibe habibe kinavinte manjalileri
    Fm          G
    Sultan ayii vaazhum njan
    Fm          G          Cm.
    Sulvo beeviyakum njan
    (Manathe chandiranothuru...)
    Eb          Bb     Cm       Bb
             G#          G
    Naleyoru naal konden mudeepiyakum nee
    Eb          Bb     Cm             Bb
     Vennila kinnathil veenjumayi vannattey
                   G#      G
    Mulla malar manjathil nee vannirunnattey
    Eb          Bb           Eb           Cm  
    Thulumbunna maarildathin thudithalamundo
    Eb         Bb           Cm        G           Cm      
    Palunginte chundathente mayakunna paattundoo ho ho 
  2. death angel

    death angel the messenger from hell

    I haven't heard this song but the original singer of habibe (i think) was khaled
  3. mathai

    mathai Mathai Learns To Rock

    Audio for strumming

    ^^^^im not sure..... or is it Amir Dab...
    i've uploaded the strumming pattern for the intro in this link
    the rest of the song has also the same strumming pattern...
    (ps:the guitar lead played in the place of accordion is not exactly the same as original)

  4. mathai

    mathai Mathai Learns To Rock

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