guyzz... SAVAGE GARDEN (truly madly....

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    Truly madly... goes like this

    normal tuning
    chords at bottom if needed
    this is a pretty easy song

    I know this song is already done, but there are only chords - there
    are no words whatsoever, and the Am chord in the sub-chorus is
    neglected. I made the necessary changes, and I hope you like it!
    This is my first tab, so I hope it's satisfactory.

    C G F C

    Verse 1:
    C G F G
    C G F G

    Am C F G

    C G F G
    C G F G

    Verse 2:
    C G F G
    C G F G

    Am C F G


    F G F G
    F G
    C G F G

    C C C C
    (all tied - fades out into silence - only drum beat is heard)
    I'll be your dream I'll be your wish...

    C G (lowest F note) (lowest G note - two frets up - not as loud
    as F)

    (Chorus) 2x

    C G F C
    C G F C
    C G F C
    C G F C (fades)


    C G F Am
    E---0--- E---3--- E---1--- E---0---
    B---1--- B---0--- B---1--- B---1---
    G---0--- G---0--- G---2--- G---2---
    D---2--- D---0--- D---3--- D---2---
    A---3--- A---2--- A---3--- A---0---
    E---3--- E---3--- E------- E---0---

    Hint for F chord: cover both the B string
    and the high E string with your index finger

    *This file is all my work. No part of it has been copied, re-formatted,
    of plaigarized in a manner. Please do not pass off this work as your own,
    as I put a lot of time and work into this.
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    wats the struming pattern..??

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