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    Hey Pranav,

    Sure.U see in music we have different scales.Each song[tabs] is played in a particular scale.By knowing which scale the song is played on,we can easily play the chords of that song.

    For example the basic scale starts on the letter or note C and is therefore called the C scale.

    So it goes- C D E F G A B

    Now in between each of these above notes there is a semitone designated as sharp(#) of the previous note or flat(b) of the next note

    So if U start on a C note on ur guitar and go on playing successive frets on the same string ,ur fingers will progress thru the following notes-

    C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B C ...and so on

    -note that betweeb B and C and in Between E and F there are no sharp notes.
    -now note that Csharp or C# can also be called D flat or Db and D# is the same as Eb

    I ve attached the PIc of the C note on the guitar so that u can see what i mean

    Now Jaadu HAI nasha hai was played on a scale in which the first note was E flat,so the scale was-

    Eb F G A Bb C D

    notice in this scale if U start on Eb note u have to play the Bb note for it to sound right.And this scale has it own set of chords as opposed to differnet chords for the basic c scale.

    more later

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    well will try ur chords and inform u!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    one more thing dude... u changed my name... its pranay not pranav..........

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