Gurus: whats chords for Uhe sab ke kadam dekho rum pum pum

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  1. gaurao

    gaurao New Member

    I have no clues about the chords of this song
    from Bato Bato mein.
    Uthe Sabke kadam dekhp rumpum pum
    aji aise geet gaya karo..

    Help me out pls...

    APPLE SINGH New Member

    Here Is an expert comment .

    If your scale is G# major try these chords -

    G# major + D # major in lines tara rum pum ---- aise geet gaya karo
    lines etc.

    Add C# minor chord too in these chords while playing antra .

    These chords are used in the song along with few other 1 or 2 chords ,
    if get time and this song i will post the whole chord of this song .

    Praaji ab thoda sa maine bata diya hai thoda sa aap socho to song complete
    ho jaayega .

    ****************** Bolo what a fun ******************
  3. gaurao

    gaurao New Member

    Search continues

    Thank you for comments.

    It has been always too much for me to
    manufacture the chords on my own.

    My scale is on C.

    Anyways please find time to post the chords.
    Am sure you all would enjoy this song.

    PS. None has posted chords on this song

    APPLE SINGH New Member

    Praaji the origional scale is E major as the VODAPHONE ad. suggest , so use
    E B A chords and if you are unable to get it wait for my next post .
    Though i don't have this song but praaji i will try to post the chords .

    ********************Bolo what a fun***********************

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