Gunche lage hai kehne- Shailendra Singh- Taraana- 1971

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  1. ezrpo

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    Can anyone please share the tabs and chords of this masterpiece sung by Shailendra Singh

    Its a beautiful romantic song picturized on our very own Mithunda
  2. heyitsaakash

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    Chords - Gunche lage hai kehne


    you have requested for a really good ol' song...
    I have managed to find the tabs in IGT itself of this old song....
    Hope it helps you too..
    Play on..

    - Aakash

    Tarana Pyaar Ka Abbey

    Hi guys , new song by Abbey Tarana Pyaar ka, seems to be a remix of some old song sung by Shailendra but it is done well. I

    have tried out the chords . I know they may not be pefect . I even doubt if the scale is right, but worked well fpor me.

    Suggestions required.

    Tarana Pyaar Ka Abbey

    G 355433
    c x32010
    Am x02210
    D xx0232
    c(1) 335553

    Goonje laage hain kahne

    G C
    Phoolon so bhi soona ha in Tarana pyaar ka

    c Am D
    Kehta hain dil Aake Mil

    Am D
    Aiye Meri Zindagi

    C Am
    Tanha na beet Jaaye

    D G
    Din Bahaar kaa

    Abhi Abhi

    ek hawaa ka jhoka

    Yaad teri le Aaya

    Yaad ke.....

    Mein har pal

    D G
    Ek Pyaar ka geet sunaya

    C(1) G
    O meri dilruba

    C(1) G
    Sun le sada

    C(1) G
    Kehta hain kya

    C(1) G
    Tujhse yeh Diwana

    Goonje.... (rest follows)
  3. ezrpo

    ezrpo New Member

    The scale seems to be correct, however, I am a bit sceptical on the chord patterns...
    Can someone help please....

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