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    Dear Friends,
    The traditional method of creating guitar tabs on the six lines has become very old and out dated. The present day mehod which is more helpful and qualitatively great is to create the guitar tabs on GuitarPro or Powertab editor. These two softwares provide good facility to create the guitartabs.
    I have searched the internet for the Hindi guitarpro files and hindi
    power tab files. While there are thousands of such files available on
    the internet of western songs, it is an irony and shame on we Indian
    Guitar players that there is not even a single quality guitarpro or
    power tab file of any Hindi song on any site. This fact motivated me to
    create this file "Aapki Nazaron Ne Samajha" in GP4. This is my first
    creation on Guitar Pro.
    I invite all of you to join yahoo group "Indianguitarplayers" created by me and enjoy that file.
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  3. jazzbox

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    how many files u have on that site?
  4. limaj_daas

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    ^i think only one...

    btw, as far as i kno, i'm da only guy on the pakistani guitar forum that posts guitar pros. I think i have made 20 summin decent guitar pros...
  5. jazzbox

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    you should grow ur database mate

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