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  1. umairasirali

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    Hi ... My name is Umair Nasir ...i am studying at nca lahore .... i need a guitarist who can perform with me music style is like junaid jamshed ....i need a person with whom i can form my band and we compose songs ....i also play guitar but i am bascially a vocalist ....therefore i am looking for a person who is passionate about music and can compose songs it wont matter can be of ne style ...

    Guys i'll wait for your responce
    feel free to contact me ne time
  2. thejak19

    thejak19 New Member

    hey there

    hi yaar , well i play guitar acoustic and electric from pop to heavy rock ,

    been playin 7 years now , live in lahore .

    but first i think you should post your vocalz on some site and send a link plus a profile on what kind of band ppl ur lookin for plus what kind of music u are more inclined towards.



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