Guitarist hides knowledge of strumming

Discussion in 'Guitar Tablature Discussion' started by Dhoon Master, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. Dhoon Master

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    Guitarist hides knowlwdge of strumming

    Since i joined i am seeing here most of the people talks about chords,leads but nobody tell how srumming can be simplified pls comment!! :shock:
  2. sumit

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    well nobody hides this knowledge of strumming from u or other buddies..coz strumming is a basic thing which evolves itself the more u play it......i.e for strummin u need to hear the song closely n then move ur fingers up n down i ur guitar acc. to the beat of the song/music. thats the way of learning strumming.(well i learnede this way)..or u can go for guitar lessons who will teach u xact strummin will take u just 5-6 classes to learn some basic strumming pattern
  3. ananth222

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    Strumming is something that needs a direct tutor right next to you. Its hard to make you uderstand strumming online. Even if you see a video slowly describing strumming, it is not a good way to learn. You need someone who can see how you strum and tell you what to change. Look for help from guitar players in ur school/college/area. Or just practise practise and practise and figure it out.
    If there is any way to help, then you will definitely find it here. IGTians have been some of the most helpful ppl I've encountered!
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  4. @dhoon master that what i also though b4 i really find out how to really learn strumming
    strumming is if i can say an inborn feeling ;)
    u just have to hear the song think abt it n try to play it
    baandbaaja posted some help abt it :cool:
    but for really to b able to play a good song u need to fing the strumming pattern urself ;)
    try the papa kehte hain thread n the pehla nasha those r reasy chords to play n learn strummingfrom
    if u like nirvana try polly thats the first ones i played on chords
    it may b difficults at first but try again n again
    the chords n strumming pattern u wil c wil b easy to play gradually............ :rockon:
  5. Hello_World

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    Nobody at this site hides things

    I personally find IGT to be a very helpful site..... Since joining this site I have gained quite a bit of knowledge which is helping me greatly at my beginning stages of learning how to play the guitar..

    I have to agree with previous replies that in order to learn strumming you actually need someone to help you(initially). I take lessons every week and some lessons occassionaly focuses on strumming. I have improved a great deal. To have accomplished this on my own would have been a challenge.

    What I would like to see is more posts on classical guitar playing, techniques etc..
    I find the focus to be more towards the electrical guitar..


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