Guitarist and drummer needed for band in kolkata

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by sandipanguitar, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. sandipanguitar

    sandipanguitar New Member

    Guitarist and drummer needed for band in kolkata
  2. spydra

    spydra New Member


  3. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    lol :p:.................
  4. Bassist

    Bassist New Member

    Need Bassist for Band???
    I'll join if u guys are good enough...
  5. iluvmuzik

    iluvmuzik New Member

    like wat kinda band?u can giv some info!
  6. ArindamSarkar

    ArindamSarkar New Member

    Which locality? Your experience playing?
  7. abhijit12

    abhijit12 New Member

    Any more details ...
  8. proso_n123

    proso_n123 New Member

    Hi my name is prasenjit, we have a bangla band named as aarohi, we badly require a lead guitarist please feel free to contact: +91 9748762916.
  9. denim.lama

    denim.lama New Member

    Hi this is Denim Lama from Shillong, currently in Kolkata. I've been playing guitar for over 14 to 16 years and've been trained for 4 years in Shillong (completed 3rd grade) and still learning in Kolkata. Self trained through videos and internet lessons. I had a band before and now want to join a good band. These days I'm out of practise but still learning hard. If you guys could call me than my number is 9007110975. Thanx.

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