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  1. moadhia

    moadhia New Member

    I started playing a month back on a yamaha F310 .. and planning to switch to an electric guitar .. which isnt very expensive but sounds good.. plan to play jal songs later on .. any suggestions ??
  2. nocturnal

    nocturnal New Member

    yea..never leave ur guitar in the car when going for fuh-ball..chances are sum jerk will steal it :mad: Mine just got stolen yesterday and i hope the :cen: goes to helll :mad:
  3. vocalist

    vocalist Banned

    hello [SNIP] i have accoustic guitar andi am a good vocalist
  4. adnankhan007

    adnankhan007 New Member

    wana be a singer

    hi dear frends
    how ru
    my name is adnan
    i wana be a good singer.
    i also wana join a band
    i m from islamabad
    i can sing well and i have a good voice tooo,,,
    email me
  5. mani_rawalpindi

    mani_rawalpindi GUNS AND GUITARS

    hey moadhia if u ask me it is not wise to switch directly to electric if u have started playing a month ago its better to practice on acoustic

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