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    Hi Friends,

    First of all let me apologize for this post which some of you may find irrelevant.

    Can anyone tell me in detail, what is the difference in guitar chords and piano chords. Seen that Nishant and lot many other genius musicians have posted the strings detail with releted to guitar. but how to play them on piano? :think:

    ==learner== :rockon:
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    a chord can have different voicings on a guitar and piano.

    The approach a composer takes for the voicing is different while composing on different instruments.

    For eg lets take the case of Yun hi chala ja from swades..
    lets assume that rahman gave the guitarist the following chord prog:
    E D E Bm
    the guitarist using his experience , and playing style left the high E note ringing for all the 4 chords, you chords now become
    E Dadd9 E Bmadd11, u might notice that the piano in the song plays a plain E D E Bm behind the guitars... not worrying about teh voicing the guitarist is using.

    What i am trying to say here is.. the blue tuning of the guitar (EADGBE) is responsible for some distinct tonal characteristics of chords played in various chord positons. U usually do not try to replicate them on a piano and vice versa. U just interpret a given chord sequence and melody and play it in the best possible way on that particular isntrument. thats the approach I take when I have the liberty of doing something original. When I listen to someone else's work, 99% of the cases I find that thats what the other performers have also done.

    But to answer your question at face value,
    every finger positon on your fret board maps to an absolute key, and if u play the keys in order according to your finger position, u can replicate guitar chords on a piano.

    for example if uoir chord is E 022100, on the piano u play EBEG#BE

    reverse mapping from keyboard to guitars may result in more than one voicing, but u will find more often that note that there would be only position where it would be humanly possible to play the chord.

    And many times you may find that more than 2 guitarists would have to play certain chords which a pianist can play..

    For eg, a famous guitarist PJ goes like this:

    Q: How many bass guitarists does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: None, the piano player does it with his left hand

    Chords like D/G or C/F care called split chords, and very easy to play on the piano, play Dmajor with your right hand and play a G note with your left hand 2 octaves below, and u get a D/G. For single guitar arrangements, u may find cool finger positions for a D/G chord.. but all u need = one guitarist playing D, and the bass guitarist playing G at the same time.

    The band steely dan takes this approach to the extreme. Check out the chords for the song josie for eg.. there will be lot of split chords in it..
    but if u analyse what each individual player is play.. u will be surprised that each individual play just plays a basic triad (major or minor chord).
    say u have a chord D9 (D+F#+A+C+E), there are relatively complex positions to play this ona guitar.. but what about this.. D+F#+A = D maj, A+C+E=Am,
    so if u have 2 guitarists, one plays D major, the other plays A minor, the end result is a D9.. standard jazz approach.. which bands like steely dan use.
    What i am saying is if u see lot of complex chords like sharp9ths or sharp11s or something like that.. arranging them for a guitar usually involves simplifying them to their basics, and assigning simpler tasks to multple players... thats the more commonly used approach.

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    Hi josh,
    Not an irrelevant post dude:) Good question. However this post is in the wrong forum, it should be in Beginner's Q&A forum. Thread wil be moved. And jay, nice explanation:)
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    I added a lot of info to the original post by editing it.. check it out..
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    that was gud explaining, jay2.

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