**GUITAR VIDEO TUTORIAL** Album, Bollywood Songs: Request Any Song!

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  1. alaba

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    This is a Post Having many Popular Hindi Songs Bollywood, Filmi , Pakistani, Album songs.

    I will be posting Video Lessons for the Songs Including CHORDS STRUMMING PATTERN and other Tips...

    To Beginning With a Detailed Lesson For Beginner Guitar CHORDS and Strumming:-



    More Coming Soon!
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  3. Gravitation

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    Great Video!!

    Could you pls post "Udja Kale Kawan" from Gadar.

  4. alaba

    alaba New Member

    Thanks gravi....
    I will try!
  5. alaba

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  6. mangeshprv

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    hey Alaba
    I m mangesh.......I m biginner.........
    can u pl help me out to understand this coading part
    i gone through more than 10-15 coading but dont understand why people are using different different alphabate for string
  7. alaba

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    hi Mangesh

    I did not understand you properly...
    If you mean why we use EBGDAE ... for srings Then that is a nomenclature a standard used . or u could use 123456 for strings (1-thinnest)..
    It extends futher with certain formation of fingers at various strings is termed as CHORDS..

    I hope this helped .. feel free to ask!
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  10. ArindamSarkar

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  11. alaba

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    Arindam.. Thanks Mate

    Thank You So much for appreciating and linking!.. and Am glad That you Like my work .. trying bit to help out!

    Cheers To Music
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  12. ArindamSarkar

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    You deserve it!

    Welcome....You deserve it....
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  15. JatinG

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    Please post some more tutorials
    they are a big help
  16. danio

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    hey i ma a begginer . . can play some bar chords as well . . kindly suggest me some thing haven't cover any songs yet . . want to cover . ..
    sugest me some easy songs too

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