Guitar Training centre in Hyderabad ?

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  1. komalthecoolk

    komalthecoolk New Member

    Hi ya'all !

    I'm really really passionate bout learning guitar. I wanted to know if there are any good guitar training institutes in Hyderabad. All the institutes I went to.., they kind of make u learn the music by heart and those who learn there cannot play anythin on their own. Its really dumb.

    So., anyone who can help me out here., plz do leave a mssg.

    thanks a lot !


    KoMAL kAnTh
  2. mehyd

    mehyd New Member

    Where ever you go, why dont you tell the teacher about your need/requirement?
    come to a mutual agreement, pay what teacher requires, get your stuff and be happy. most often we dont want to spend and we search for the cheapest teachers, fact is they charge low, also teach low.
    verify the following things from your teacher
    1. Does he have a qualification in GUITAR (like TRINITY COLLEGE, ROYAL COLLEGE, CERTIFICATION)
    this is must and you must demand to see the certificate issued. orally every teacher will say i have done this, i have done that.. seeing is beleiveing.. if he is really qualified he will happily show his credentials to you.. if he comes up with an excuse , just forget the teacher.
    I have seen so many so called teachers, they go for a 6 month training to a good teacher.. learn few songs and start teaching instantly.(it is like a blind leading another blind)
    2. The no. of years spent in teaching ( a well experienced teacher can design and deliver the perfect content with good methods)
    3. Ask him to play some advanced stuff / advanced compositions (like Capricho arabe,gran vals, recuerdos de la alhambra .. etc.) not papa kehte hai, neele neele ambar and hotel california.
    4. Ask for references of some senior students and currently learning students...
    5. See if the teacher is an employee of the institue , or he is owner, if he is an employee he can leave the job any time and you will be in trouble, if he owns it you are secure.

    I hope these tips are more than enough to make your musical journey a joyful experience.
  3. vikaskumar170

    vikaskumar170 New Member

    want to know centres for guitar

    plz tell me which centre u have gone , i will join one of them
    as i donot know any centre for learning guitar
    plz send me name
  4. chrisherald

    chrisherald New Member

    Music classes in hyderabad (guitar & keyboard)

    Hey I am Chris a short term Guitar Tutor (Rhythm) from Hyderabad/Secunderabad, if U are very much keen about learning Guitar,Keyboard or Vocals, email me @ or call me on9059143218 right now to start the classes. I teach at GS MUSIC ACADEMY Begumpet or I take Home Tuitions as per the Student convenience.
  5. shiv.emf

    shiv.emf New Member

    Is there any good institute near Mehdipatnam. thanks
  6. chrisherald

    chrisherald New Member

    Guitar tutor in hyderabad (home tutor)


    I am Chris a Music Teacher with 9 years of experience, I teach Guitar, Keyboard & Vocals, Levels : Basic & Advanced.

    I have been worked with few Schools and a Rock Band, at present teaching @ GS Music Academy, Begumpet,HYMA @ Nacharam and in a Software Company Proxim Wireless at Hi-tex as a Music Teacher and I also take Home Tuitions as per the Student Convenience,

    I advice you to go for a Demo class, which helps you to understand my way of teachings and Course structure.

    You can email me or reach me on # 9989 11 22 77 for further details, Thank you
    All the Best.


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